Erholungsraum. Gäste - und Seminarhaus mit Café und Bazaar

Welcome to the Lightyard!

I am glad you’re here! 


This place is truly a paradisiac piece of earth! On fine days you can sunbath in the big or smaller farmyard, relax in a hammock in the gardenpark, muse at the lake- or fireside, gaze at our beautiful peacock or simply amble along the paths and enjoy the finery oft fruits, flowers, herbs and trees. On sunny days from April to October. The most beutaiful time of our year is June - then we have a real rosegarden. But even in wintertime it’s idyllic here. Especially when you sit inside on the warm fireplace and watch the sugar powdered nature outside through the big windows.


For thirty years now my family lives here with the cycle of the four seasons and in harmony with mother earth. We enjoy the plentidue of fruits she’s donating to us and use the healing power of her herbs. Today i cooked rosesirup, hollanderjelly and a creme against stiff muscles out of ground ivy. In case of emergency we could live as self-supporters, because we have a water suply well, wood stove, photovoltaics and – chicken. We came to know many natural ways of healing that help in times of disease or problems. We are not only good grounded, but also feel in good contact with up above. We are very curious about all kind of men. This is why we never only withdrew here, but travelled the world and looked around. We know: „Every path is holy!“


Over two decades ago my mother opened the property for guests. Since autumn 1992 until today people can come together in the Venue with Practice „Lightyard“, who want to live in harmony with the nature and the divine principle (however it is named or thought to be), work on their recovery in a natural way or help others to grow. Because we travell a lot to Southasia we also have a Bazar with small preciosities from there – and here.


Since 2013 we offer with Guestrooms in the mansion a possibility, to stay overnight in a cosy atmosphere and to relax in the nature.


Our Suncafé opened in 2014 as an invitation to everybody, who seeks a relaxing time-out in a beautiful location and wants to be pampered culinary in an extraordinary way. On weekends from May to September we serve in the yards delecacies from our Biogarden or SouthAsia. This is where Dipak comes from, who worked many years in the restaurants of good indian hotels with tourists from all over the world. We both know exactly about the healing power of our respective regional ingrediences an feel as globetrotters ourselves, what somebody needs who seeks a rest.


2015 we started also to serve guests from October to April on the open fire in the venue - once a month with our „eurasian brunch“, on special events like „Band & Buffet“ or for small groups on request. We also feast family celebrations here or there.


I will be glad to see you here! Ira, daughter and guardian of the lightyard

January 2016