Erholungsraum. Gäste- und Gruppenhaus mit Cafe und Bazar

Our paradise

The former farmstead is one of the eldest properties in Ottendorf. It is written that the dewlling was rebuilded after a blaze in 1860, the two vaulted cellars are probably from the 16th century. Before my parents bought the estate, it was all the time in the hands of one family. In 1986 they started to make it our home (is our castle) and spended over 20 years to reconstruct the buildings and create a gorgious gardenpark. Since my beloved mother died in 2013 and handed her posessions down to me as her only child my father and me are sharing the ownership. 


The estate is offically listed with 3891 qm. The apartment house is sourronded by a gate and two adjoining buildings. This created a big atrium with 80 qm. More than half of the property is gardenarea. Inspired by english gardens like „Chalice Well“ in Glastonbury my mother created with gravel ways a real park. Here you find a small and a big lake, rosebushes, stonewalls, fruit trees with hammocks, a herb spiral, a fireplace, a huge greenlandarea and the home of our helpfull chicken, the old duck and the beautiful peacock. From spring to autumn we have are rich harvest, starting with the dandelions in April and ending with the walnuts in October. Everything here is purely biological.


"Who has a garden is allready living in paradies“, says Aba Assa and this is, what we feel here. Take a look at yourself. Pictures speak louder than words. Just click on the collage and you can dive into our wunderfull world …