Erholungsraum. Gäste- und Gruppenhaus mit Cafe und Bazar

A frackle of Franconia

The „Lightyard“ is located in the middle of europe - in Franconia, an arcadian area of Germany, laden with historical places. The close highway A70 is bringing you in ten minutes to the longest highway of this country: The A 7. It directly connects the german borders to Denmark and Austria. Here is a perfect place for having a relaxing stop while travelling through Europe. And it can be a home far away from home, if you want to have varied daytrips: discover the world heritage sites of Bamberg or Würzburg; see Nürnberg or the worldfamous romantical city Rothenburg ob der Tauber; visit celtic places; have a boat trip on the main; sunbath on a lakeside; hike and bike through a gorgious landscape.


Homeplace of the „Lightyard“ is the idyllic Ottendorf, a small village on a small hill above the river Main. Here you can have a wonderfull walk, because we are enthroned by a small forrest which offers a fantastic view to the river valley and the low mountain range Steigerwald. The village belongs to the nature reserve Haßberge with its beautifull hills, grasslands and forrests … 


... castles, palaces and ruins, but also with the horrible centre of burning wítches in the Europe of the 17th century. The medieval times are tangibly here everywhere, because there are still the old city walls and studwork houses. But Franconia is not only a perfect place to have a journey through time and enjoy nature, it is also a culinary hot spot. It is an Eldorado for wine, beer and sausages!


This is the home oft he „Lightyard“. More about the property, the builders and the guardians you will find below.